Community Events

Ralya Mileage Club Family Night

Steve and Chris recently attended Ralya Elementary Mileage Club family night. They passed out cookies and water bottles. Once the kids realized the cookies were free they were overrun! It was great to see so many kids and their families out walking and running. The Ralya mileage club chapter was started by Therapy Institute staff in the late 90s. Keep running kids!

The Therapy Institute is a sponsor for the new Meridian Township Farmers Market

The farmers market is a very popular location on Saturday mornings. It has finally outgrown its location and the township recently unveiled a conceptual drawing of the new facility to be built on open space near the Meridian Mall. From a recent release:

“The Meridian Township Farmers Market will unveil a new look next spring. After about three years of planning and fundraising efforts, the township has pulled together $1.1 million to create a 14,645-square-foot pavilion, picnic area, stage and playground along Central Park Drive near the Meridian Mall”.

The Therapy Institute is proud to be a sponsor of this wonderful community treasure!

The Therapy Institute supports Haslett High School’s new football stadium!

In 2019 Haslett High School updated and remodeled their football stadium. The Therapy Institute is proud to be a sponsor of this remodeling project! Our sponsorship sign demonstrates our commitment to the local schools!